Raees Dialogues Shahrukh Khan Nawazuddin Raees Movie Dialogues

Raees Dialogues Shahrukh Khan Nawazuddin Raees Movie Dialogues : SRK Raees Movie Dialogues, In the movie raees the most theoretical role play by star shah rukh khan and teaser of the movies show how film dialogues is based on which story and how much audiences like to these dialogues says by the Shahrukh khan and Nawazuddin. Some of the dialogues of raees peoples are already listings like first ‘Baniye ka dimaag aour Miyabhai ki daring’, second like ‘Ammijaan kehti koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharm nahi hota’. Such types of dialogues are under Raees movie for our audiences.

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Raees Dialogues Shahrukh Khan Nawazuddin Raees Movie Dialogues

Raees Dialogues Shahrukh Khan Nawazuddin Raees Movie Dialogues

Shahrukh Khan Nawazuddin Raees Dialogues, the movie release on this year 2017 where after long time waiting peoples are to watch this movie and also some discuss about the Raees movie dialogues between Shahrukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiui. The current dialogues of Raees is most popular which is most like by the peoples before the movie release on cinemas. Directed by Rahul dholakia and production by the gauri khan, farhan Akhtar they also decides the most point able Raees movie dialogues for the basic story of the film.


Raees Dialogues By Shahrukh Khan list:

Gussa shaitaan Ka Hunar hai, issliye haraam hai.

Gujarat ki hawa mein vyapaar hai sahib
Meri saans to rok loge
Lekin Iss hawa ko kaise rokoge..

Agar Katne ka darr hota na,
to patang nahi chadhata. firki pakadta.

Ek din naak mein nakel daal ke kheench ke leke jaunga tujhe main yaha se
saboot le aiye. le jaiye. Raees haazir…

Raees Dialogues by Nawazuddin list:

Jisko tu dhandha bolta hai na, crime hai woh,, Dhandha band kar le,,. Warna saans lena bhi mushkil kar dunga…

Jayda uncha mat udd,,, kat jayegaa,,..

Raees Shah Rukh Khan Dialogue, The most leading roles are play by these stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan and SRK. Mahira Khan has playing a female role in this movie and she also a Pakistani actress. Raees Trailer Dialogues the another thing is that peoples also realize the actual raess movie trailer dialogues which show how open this movie in public and it’s ingredients. Raees teaser dialogues there is some little difference on both raees trailer vs teaser how? Because most of the dialogues are not show on the movie teaser and some new dialogues are on the raees trailer which is currently launched online. Stay connected with us form ore excited updates.

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