Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017 All Features Advanced Updates

Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017 All Features Advanced Updates : Android Google Rumors latest nougat at from the release date for your mobile phones or tablets. This is the advanced Android 7.0 updates of Nexus phones 5x or 6p, player, C Tablet, XL smartphones and others. Under this the most high procession advanced operating system which support to every things android. In the 21st century the Google lunched a new Android ‘O’ for their android fans or lovers. Nougat 0.7 android at Google IO or IOs process for the high ended mobile device with low rate and prices.

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Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017 All Features Advanced Updates

The Smartphone makers or developer are well prepared for this Android ‘o’ 2017. How to install into the cheap set of all types of mobile phones and their supporting systems. There are the unbelievable more advanced feature of ANDROID ‘O’. which is related to their display, ram, processor, battery, icon’s, supporting apps, user-interface, play, music, videos, store gates, accessible and more. Focused to the high lights on the several new features of GOOGLE ANDROID ‘O’.

Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017

Google’s Android ‘O’All Features Advanced Updates

Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017 All Features Advanced Updates

Google’s Android ‘O’ 2017 new operating system with extra new features list:

Battery : Android O battery module congested the automated closes to the background apps. Consume high electricity and provided more durability. Low power consumed when indicated the low power level while using the phones.

Display at Multi display Support System : Android O logo presence, work as multiple background apps with several windows at the same time. Provided the users the new activity’s launch at the same time. Multi display supporting system on the normal works.

Android Notifications: below or above advanced notification system. One time per view note’s for the high ended mobile android. Users can tidier set of notifications by sorting them into various channels. Easy navigate to main control of Notification customs.

Google’s Latest Android ‘O’ 2017 All Features Advanced Updates

More Advanced Features

Adaptive Icons : Google Android ‘O’ app Nougat launcher icons 2017 version. Auto adjust the vertical or horizontal screen rotation with advanced programing. All the devices OEM provides where system can adjust the multiple screen shapes or size ‘A A A’. Easy shortcuts with sharing dialogs and easy navigational status.

Phone Media Player : Android 0 version Player, ability to do fast playback options. Better search player lists and find a accurate point to submission. Provided the better quality of Audio video high. Reduce the buffering behavior and increases the positive user experiences. On the headphones audio API receives to boost the signals. Much better interface between the users and apps control system.

Advanced Navigational Keyboard : in this latest Google Android ‘O’ they focused on a main pointer. Auto finding the tab on a keyboard with finger sensitive areas. Fast accurate key detected function without missing words or avoid wrong key words. Some added new features arrow, cursors, pointer, tabor, thumb pin and more for the users.

Apps Wide Gamut Color’s : change multi phones iconic designs, imaging apps can now takes advantage on a new devices. Android developers build a new icon theme system which is adjust auto or manually with the phone model, designs or brand. Display wide gamut images and apps where also enabling the flag in their manifest with many color profiles. Included photo frame, Pre Photo RGB, DCIP3 go, Re Post images etc.

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