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Crossblade Music Festival 2017 January 28 – 29 Mohali Live Event Show

Crossblade Music Festival 2017 January 28 – 29 Mohali Live Event Show : Punjabi music festival Crossblade Music Festival Mohali tickets booking in advance online. Watch the live Crossblade music festival 2017 event show in Mohali where the lots of big musicians are come to rock you. This musical tour live event is established for two days form January 28, 2017 and January 29, 2017 on words. This is the Punajbi cultural biggest festival event in India where the fans comes also from outside countries. Crossblade Music Festival 2017 Event venue, place, time, date, tickets prices, tickets sites all the detailed details are mention below.

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Crossblade Music Festival 2017 January 28 – 29 Mohali Live Event Show

Crossblade Music Festival 28th January 2017 live event show tickets are available online where you can book easily this show tickets on Internet method. You can do a dance with Raja of Bass on this Jan 28 on Crossblade Music Festival 2017. Remember in this fest’s bringing your favorite artists are get ready to dance with you which you not seen never before. Before the events tickets end’s of Crossblade Music Festival live show remember these times of this event. Saturday Crossblade Music Festival on January 28, 2017 show started at 2:30PM on the next day Sunday Crossblade Music Festival on January 29, 2017 event started at 10pm night show.

Crossblade Music Festival 2017 January 28 – 29 Mohali Live Event Show

Mohali Crossblade Music Festival 2017 live event address, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar mohali, Punjab district. Book this event tickets online for fast and secure to fastest reserve your seats on this 2 days world’s biggest punjabi music festival. Tickets prices of this show Crossblade Music Festival 2017 Rs 599 to Rs 999 approximately other then discount, taxes, vat, services, foods are not included. Lost of peoples are came to enjoy this festival with dhol, nagara, dj beats sounds and Bhangra where you can dance with your favorite music stars.

How to book a tickets for this music live event Crossblade Music Festival 2017 and where to book. The artists are on this music show are Diljit Dosanjh unplugged Live, Kenny Sebastian, Naveen Richard, Nucleya, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kautuk Srivastava, Zakir Khan, Varun Thakur, Dualist Inquiry, Naezy, Swarathma, Kanan Gill, EIC, Divine, Rastapariahs, Peepal Tree, Rohan Desai. Just type on a search’s the show name and tickets booking of Crossblade Music Festival then you can book the online tickets.

The two day massive Punjbai Music Festival with ethos of culture through a music genres and dance festival. More then 39 artists are come to rock you on this music stages of Crossblade Festival 2017 where you enjoy the most of your happily moments.

Updated: January 1, 2017 — 12:43 pm


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